Description Edit

The ability to have incredible strength. Edit

What you do with Superhuman Strength Edit

With this ability, you will have the perfect physique and will be able to lift over a million pounds. You will be incredibly strong, but will have absolute control over how much strength you're applying. For the ladies, this ability applies to you too, but you won't look too muscular.

Pros and Cons Edit

Here are some good things and bad things about Superhuman Strength.

Pros Edit

  • Smash everything
  • Crush anything in your path
  • Lift a car, a truck, a dumbbell, a wrecking ball, etc.
  • Throw 1000 bricks at your enemies

Cons Edit

  • You might accidentally kill someone with your strength
  • Some people will think you're a monster
  • You will be super clumsy

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